How to unlink my phone number from another phone


How To Unlink My Phone Number From Another Phone

How to Unlink Your Phone Number from Another Phone on a Dating Site

Are you looking to unlink your phone number from another phone on a dating site? Perhaps you've switched devices or no longer wish to communicate through the dating platform. Whatever the reason may be, below you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to unlink your phone number from another phone, ensuring your privacy and security.

1. Access Your Account Settings

The first step in unlinking your phone number from another phone on a dating site is to access your account settings. Login to your dating site account on the device currently associated with your phone number. Look for the menu or profile section where you can manage your account preferences.

2. Locate the Phone Number Settings

Within the account settings menu or profile section, search for the option related to phone number settings. Various dating platforms may use different terminology, but you'll typically find it under a section labeled "Privacy," "Account Settings," or "Phone Number."

3. Deactivate Phone Number Verification

To unlink your phone number, you'll likely need to deactivate the phone number verification feature. This verification process is in place to authenticate your account and ensure that you're a real user. By disabling it, the association between your phone number and the dating site will be removed.

4. Confirm Your Decision

Before unlinking your phone number, the dating site may ask you to confirm your decision. This could be to ensure you're not making changes accidentally. Read the prompt carefully, and if you're certain about unlinking your phone number, proceed with the confirmation.

5. Verify Your Identity

In some cases, dating platforms may require additional steps to verify your identity before allowing you to unlink your phone number. This is done for security purposes and to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Follow the instructions provided by the site to complete the verification process.

6. Remove Phone Number from Account

Once you've successfully completed the verification process, you'll usually find an option to remove your phone number from your account. Select this option to unlink your phone number from the dating site. The system will update your account settings accordingly.

7. Update Privacy Settings

After removing your phone number, take a moment to review and update your privacy settings. Ensure that your personal information, including your phone number, is hidden and not visible to other users. Adjust any other privacy settings as desired to maintain control over your account and data.

8. Inform Support (If Necessary)

If you encounter any issues while trying to unlink your phone number from another phone on the dating site, reach out to their customer support team. They can provide further assistance and guide you through the process. Be prepared to provide any necessary account details and information to verify your identity.

9. Protect Your Privacy

Now that you've successfully unlinked your phone number from another phone on the dating site, it's important to take steps to protect your privacy going forward. Consider using a different method of communication within the platform, such as a username or email address, to stay connected with potential matches without providing your phone number.


Unlinking your phone number from another phone on a dating site is a straightforward process, designed to protect your privacy and ensure your safety. By following the steps outlined above and proactively managing your account settings, you can enjoy the dating platform while preserving your personal information. Remember to read the dating site's documentation for any platform-specific instructions and reach out to their support if you encounter any difficulties during the process.